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Peter Scarfo

Online Marketer, Lead Generation, Database Management and Social Media.

I work with companies utilising my skills, knowledge and experience towards achieving outstanding results and adding value to Online Marketing Activities, Lead Generation, Database Management and Social Media.

I have vast experience in setting up systems from the outset to full implementation.
I was a pioneer in the CRM industry in Australia when I founded Brylar Pty Ltd. In the late 80's Brylar launched one of the first CRM's in Australia called Contacts Plus. For over 12,000 companies this was the first step into the digital world of marketing.

My most recent achievements are working with online lead generation systems and creating sales opportunities from the leads generated from these systems.

July 2013 - Present

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2005 - Present: Sydney Area, Australia

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McCarthy Group.
January 2008 - January 2013 (5 years 1 month) North Ryde

I was responsible for setting up marketing campaigns to promote McCarthy Group to Market Place.
Supervised call centre and installed automatic dialling equipment to improve productivity.
Instituted Adwords campaigns and measurement applications to dramatically lift the effectiveness of the team.

Peter Scarfo & Associates Pty Ltd
August 1993 - November 2007 (14 years 4 months)Sydney

PSA served many SME's to establish and use databases to develop their sales efforts. For many this was their first efforts in the digital world.

Peter soon became expert at helping reluctant sales teams to record and track their results so they could become better focused.

Brylar Pty Ltd - Contacts Plus
August 1987 - July 1993 (6 years)Sydney

Peter pioneered the concept of a database at a time when most successful people were planning their day with a paper diary. For thousands of the most successful Australians - Contacts Plus was their first database tool that took them past 3x5 cards and Manila folders into the modern world of CRM.

Sunshine Computer Services
November 1979 - July 1987 (7 years 9 months)Sydney Area, Australia

Peter was responsible for the installation and management of two Data General computer systems used for the running of HDFI and Sunshine Group of Companies.

Peter managed the computer bureau with 18 client companies.
He was responsible for for the computer operations of 25 HDFI associated companies.

Peter was also responsible for the computer operations of the 70 companies in the Sunshine Group.

Peter created systems so that each time a new company became part of the group - the integration was seamless.